The Official Welcome Post

(Just kidding, guys. I don’t do ‘official’ anything.)

To the readers, aspiring writers, discouraged scribblers, established authors & halfway normal people who may enter into this blog:

Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here! Grab a chair; a cup of coffee, a nalgas cojín, your cat, or whatever makes you feel comfortable.  This blog is in its early stages, much like my writing. We’re both newbies, to the blogging and the ‘official’ writing world. But that’s what the wonderful world wide web (you liked the additional ‘W’, don’t you?) is for: to connect, reach out and learn.

Of course, WWWW is also used for other things, but I won’t get into that here.

Anyways, I’m Isabella Stines (howdy!) and I am embarking on this new adventure, entitled: “The crazy idea I had to let people know I actually write and that I’m actually working on my first ‘real’ fiction that people might want to read”.

Feel free to post new name ideas in the comments below. The shorter, the better.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. (Cliché opening, I know. But stick with me. It might get better.) Mini-me used to scribble up notebooks with new stories daily, often illustrating my own work for emphasis. I don’t remember ever not wanting to be a author. I don’t even remember a time where I wasn’t, at least, a writer, even though those stories will hopefully never, ever be shared. Short story contests and novel creations are in my past and recent history (not to mention my present). It’s just a part of who I am. And I can’t wait to share that with you!

So stick around awhile. Have some fun and interact. I’m looking forward to letting loose and sharing my writing adventure with you!

Isabella Stines spent most of her childhood diving into books and breaking the rules by reading past her bed time. Still an avid reader, she spends more of her time as a student and musician in addition to writing, fueling her creativity with Ramen noodles and sweet tea. Stines is currently working on her first trilogy.

You can find Isabella on Pinterest ( ) and tweet with her on Twitter:


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