The NaNoWriMo Draft: Writing Update

It’s finally happening: The ugly, 65,000+ word book that’s been collecting dust in my computer files is finally being read.

That’s right. The dreaded NaNo-Novel, the one penned over three months ago now, is ready to be cut up, burned through, and edited to shreds.



As I read through my super-rough novel these past few days, a made a list of mental/physical notes of the thoughts I had about my work, a few of them being the following:

Wait, who is this character again?

Wow. This scene could possibly the worst piece of fiction I’ve read in my life.

LOOK! A line of believable dialogue! Score one for the author!

Correction. THIS scene is the worst piece of fiction I’ve ever read.

*glances at notes made during November* Ha, look at my little comments here. I’m hilarious.

*reads through supposedly comical scene* This…isn’t funny. At all.

Did I really write this scene? Because I really don’t remember…

Why do I insist on making sentences so super long and complicated that I forget what the whole thought was in the first place and it doesn’t make sense and land ho, we have another run-on.

Air. I need air.

While reading through the first draft was painful, it also brought back to mind all of the things I’d forgotten about in my story. Characters, settings, subplots I never really followed through with. It also reminded of all of the reasons I loved my story and wanted to write it in the first place.

Here’s a quick list of all the things I’ll be focussing on as I dive into the first round of edits:

  • Major plot changes. After writing my NaNo-novel, it was obvious my story needed some serious changes, though I really didn’t know how to make them. Once I took a break (which is 1,000X easier said than done) and returned with fresh eyes, it was almost immediatly clear how to fix things.
  • Character development. Something I really struggle with: getting my characters from my head onto the page in a realistic way.
  • Dialogue. Oh, how my characters need to learn how to talk. (That was a slam on me, by the way.)
  • POV change. The first draft is in first person, but this second time around, I’ll be writing in in third person.
  • My Main Character. I know I mentioned character development earlier, but my MC really needs help. In some scenes, she’s as fiece and dark as I’d imagined her being. But most of the time, she’s this sweet, spontaneous person that I don’t even know. Getting my main character down is key.


So, with all of that said, I hope to get this draft edited/rewritten within the next couple of months. I am super excited to be working on it again! 🙂 I’ve really missed my characters (or the ones I remember, anyway…).

Until next time!

~ ~ ~

Isabella Stines spent most of her childhood diving into books and breaking the rules by reading past her bed time. Still an avid reader, she spends more of her time as a student and musician in addition to writing, fueling her creativity with Ramen noodles and sweet tea. Stines is currently working on her first series.

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