Monday Musings (and some ancient poetry…)

Happy Monday, everyone!

In the Twitter & Instagram world, Thursdays are considered to be #tbt, otherwise known as Throw Back Thursday. TBT consists of bringing back old memories and photos and posting them from the world to see.

It can either be a glorious or embarrassing attempt.

I’m thinking about adapting this for the blog. But instead of old pictures of me (how boring would that be?), how about old poems, stories, character sketches, and maybe even a couple songs? I literally have stacks of notebooks smack full of these babies.

Heck, I thought. Why not share them with you?

Things might will get a little messy. I was in my tween years, for Pete’s sake. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. If hormone-driven-slightly-unstable-talked-and-maybe-wrote-too-much was a word in the dictionary, a picture of my confused face would be by it.

I’d love your feedback. Yay or nay, my wonderful readers? Is it a good idea, or a rotten one? I’ll continue to post other things besides my writing, and some Thursdays might be skipped.

I’m going to go ahead and post a poem by my 14 year old self. Read on at your own risk! 🙂

* * *

A Victorious Beginning 

A blank page,

A new beginning

A common rage,

Finally thinning


An angry start,

Finally ending

A broken heart,

Finally mending



All wicked things

Take the sorrow,

And pain it brings


For spring is here,

Your glory’s done

Your chilly winds,

Nature has shun


Echoing lies,

Finally hushed

Spring’s colors,

Finally brushed


Winter blues,

Shall fade away

Your untruth,

Cannot stay


He has won

His riches displayed

His victory song

Spring will play

* * *

Thanks, everyone. 🙂

Isabella Stines spent most of her childhood diving into books and breaking the rules by reading past her bed time. Still an avid reader, she spends more of her time as a student and musician in addition to writing, fueling her creativity with Ramen noodles and sweet tea. Stines is currently working on her first trilogy.

You can find Isabella on Pinterest ( ) and tweet with her on Twitter:


8 thoughts on “Monday Musings (and some ancient poetry…)

  1. Hmmmm. Now you’re making me wonder about posting some of my old writing! I’ve been doing it all my life and I’m 58 already. Yow! Where would I even start?

    • It’s totally up to you, Margy! But I certainly wouldn’t mind reading some! Old work can be great for inspiration and seeing how far you’ve come in your own writing skills.

  2. Your 14 year old self did well! I shy away from poems. The last time I attempted one and posted it on a (snobby) writer’s forum, it was ripped to shreds and derided. Not sure if I’ll ever get over that! 🙂

    • The hardest part about writing (be it poems, stories, anything) is sharing it with other people…and having them criticize it. I once heard it said that if you write something, someone somewhere is going to hate it. It’s so true—you can’t please everyone!

      I’m sorry your poem was ripped apart. Kudos to you for stepping out and sharing it! I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as they made it, anyway. 🙂

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